This week’s rooting guide and NY6 Breakdown.

I’ll try to be more brief in this post. If you’re looking for something to fill time this Game Day Eve (or if you need to get caught up) you can go read my first and second posts. Based on the National Landscape, it seems that things have become even more simple for FSU to make a New Year’s Six Bowl: Win the next two games. That’s about it. Beat Chattanooga. Beat Florida. We’re in. I wouldn’t say this is an absolute solid. We still need Clemson and Notre Dame to win out, in my estimation. A couple other things happening wouldn’t hurt, either. But, I’ll just basically leave you with this cheering guide for this weekend. So, here we go.

Wake Forest at #1 Clemson 3:30 PM ESPN 2
Charleston Southern at #2 Alabama 4:00 PM SEC Net
#9 Michigan State at #3 Ohio State 3:30 PM ABC
Boston College at #4 Notre Dame 7:30 PM NBCSN
Purdue at #5 Iowa 12:00 PM ESPN 2
#10 Baylor at #6 Oklahoma St. 7:30 PM FOX
#18 TCU at #7 Oklahoma 8:00 PM ABC
Florida Atlantic at #8 Florida 12:00 PM SEC Net
California at #11 Stanford 10:30 PM ESPN
#12 Michigan at Penn St. 12:00 PM ABC
UCLA at #13 Utah 3:30 PM FOX
Chattanooga at #14 Florida St. 3:00 PM ESPN 3
#15 LSU at #22 Ole Miss 3:30 PM CBS
#16 Navy at Tulsa 7:00 PM CBSSN
#17 North Carolina at Virginia Tech 12:00 PM ESPN
#19 Houston at Connecticut 3:30 PM ESPN U
#20 Northwestern at #25 Wisconsin 3:30 PM BTN
#21 Memphis at Temple 12:00 PM ESPN U
#24 Southern Cal at #23 Oregon 3:30 PM ESPN

The only game I didn’t pick was the LSU vs Ole Miss game. I think for the NY6, FSU likely needs Ole Miss to win that game. But, because Noles don’t really want to see Les Miles get fired (for obvious reasons), it might be better long term for LSU to win that game. So, that’s an interesting one. I do think if both LSU and FSU win out, the Noles will finish ahead of them, because the Noles are currently ranked ahead of the Tigers and FSU has a Top 10 game coming up next week.

The other thing I wanted to talk about was the Big 12. I think we’re in pretty good shape here, no matter what. I honestly think that only 2 Big 12 teams are going to go to either the Playoff/NY6 Bowls. It’d be great if only one did, but I don’t think enough carnage can happen for this. But, we’ll see. I think best case scenario is for there to be no undefeated Big 12 teams, though. I think that Baylor needs to knock off OKST this weekend so that there isn’t an undefeated Big 12 team that could potentially jump ND and knock the Irish out of the playoff (moving them into the NY6 instead of FSU.)

Also, I’m staying with the fact that I think FSU needs Ohio State to run the table, which would knock Michigan and Michigan State down (presumably behind FSU after the Noles play UF.)  Clemson winning out is still big. As is Alabama, in my estimation. UNC losing a game before the ACCCG wouldn’t hurt anything either. They may be FSU’s biggest competition to getting to a New Year’s Six Bowl. If they win out and play Clemson really close, they could jump FSU. But, we’ll see.

Next week will be a more fun week and we’ll know exactly what we need heading into the last week of the regular season (for most teams). The Noles likely can’t be eliminated from a NY6 bowl this Saturday, but they also can’t clinch it. They can take care of their business, though. They need to not only beat Chattanooga, they need to have a statement game, and win by 35+. Total domination. No struggle.

Go Noles.



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