Some things went well, but we’ll wait on the committee.

Florida State couldn’t clinch a spot in a New Year’s Six Bowl yesterday. But, they certainly could have been eliminated from one. Even after winning their game against NCST, their were some close calls that would have likely eliminated them from contention. I’m not going to waste time dealing with what didn’t or could have happened, though. I’ll just try and get to the point. So, here we go.

Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 6.25.42 PM

I posted the above chart in my first post. Good things happened for the Noles. There were 14 games which featured teams who were ranked ahead of FSU. 8 of the 14 went the way that (in my opinion) the Noles needed them to go. Of the 6 games that didn’t go the Noles way, 4 of them featured ranked teams struggling mightily with unranked teams. So, this weekend wasn’t terrible. Let’s look at the 8 things I said FSU needed and see how each went.

  1. FSU needs to win out. The Noles took care of the only thing that they can control. After going down 17-7, FSU scored 27 unanswered points to finish off ACC play and win 34-17.
  2. Clemson needs to win out. The Tigers beat Syracuse 37-27.
  3. Alabama needs to win out. The Crimson Tide won 31-6 at Mississippi State.
  4. Notre Dam needs to win out. The Fighting Irish beat Wake Forest 28-7.
  5. Ohio State needs to win out. The Buckeyes beat Illinois 28-3.
  6. An upset or two along the way would not hurt. Well, FSU got some help in this department on Saturday. #9 LSU was defeated by Arkansas in Death Valley. Arizona knocked off #10 Utah in double OT. Lastly, #7 Stanford could not come al the way back against Oregon. I think that FSU has a chance to jump all three of these teams in the standings. They all lost to unranked teams, and that’s something that the College Football Playoff Committee usually comes down pretty hard on. FSU will almost certainly be ahead of Utah. LSU might be very near FSU (in front or behind.) Stanford may stay ahead of FSU, but they have a date with Notre Dame looming. If FSU beats UF, they’ll jump LSU (if the Tigers manage to stay ahead of FSU in this week’s rankings.) Final point is this: FSU needed a couple of upsets in the last few weeks. They got 3 in the first weekend. Certainly can’t complain about that.
  7. The Big 12 needs one true champion. There is still a possibility of this. But, things got a little more hairy. In my estimation, FSU needed Baylor or Oklahoma State to win out and win the Big 12. The main reasoning for wanting this was so that those two teams would give every other Big 12 team two losses and they would be the only ones to make it into either the playoff or the New Year’s Six Bowls. If 3 Big 12 teams finish with 1 loss, I’m afraid that all 3 of them may finish in the top 10, (which might mean 3 finish in contention for the Playoff or a New Year’s Six Bowl.) Oklahoma State won, so they can still run the table and give us this scenario (by beating Baylor and Oklahoma) but, I figured Baylor had the best shot at this. So, we’ll see what happens. Of course, when the rankings come out, I’ll update you as to who I think is best to cheer for in these remaining Big 12 games.
  8. FSU needs some luck. All of the above listed points can sound as good as they want, but we really won’t know anything until the committee releases their new rankings on Tuesday night. I would hope that FSU has at least jumped to #14. There is a possibility, in my mind, that UNC may jump FSU after how they whipped Miami on Saturday. FSU could potentially jump Michigan and TCU who played very poorly but came away with close wins against very bad teams. We’ll see, though. I think we should have a good idea of FSU’s chances to make a NY6 Bowl after the committee releases their rankings on Tuesday night.

I’ll do another post on Tuesday night after the rankings are released (or on Wednesday morning) with an update as to who to cheer for and what exactly needs to happen for FSU next weekend. But, good win for FSU this weekend. Also, several things happened in front of FSU that were good also. Can’t wait for Tuesday night to see where FSU is ranked!

dalvin td ncst

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Go Noles!

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