Breakdown of Jameis Winston’s 2nd Preseason Game.

Here we are again. Another Jameis game in the books. Another time he’s impressed me. You guys seemed to enjoy this last week, so if you guys keep reading and sharing it, I’l keep doing it.

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(Above Picture from ESPN.)

Here is the play by play break down of Jameis’ 2nd start. I’ve got some thoughts at the bottom of the post.

1st Possession (Started on own 20 yard line)
1st and 10 Completion Jameis makes two reads. Doesn’t see anyone open. Checks the ball down to Doug Martin in space. Martin makes a nice play. Gain of 9.
2nd and 1 Handoff
1st and 10 Completion Play action. Jameis with another short pass to Lane out of the backfield. Good solid completion. Gain of 7.
2nd and 3 Handoff
1st and 10 Completion Jameis drops back here, sees his target, and delivers a strike to ASJ for 11 yards. Jameis had great anticipation here. He hit ASJ as he broke back to the ball on a curl route.
1st and 10 Handoff Jameis was phenomenal, pre-snap, here. Looked like he might change the play. Decided not to. Big run by Martin.
1st and Goal Handoff
2nd and Goal QB Scramble Not sure if this was a designed QB run or just Jameis making a play. Did look like he stubled a little bit. Recovered quickly. But, he rolls out to the right, recognizes that he could get to the end zone, and does. Touchdown.
2nd Possession (Started on own 10 yard line.)
1st and 10 Handoff
2nd and 5 Completion Play action fake. Waits for Jackson across the middle. He’s got a step. Single coverage. Jameis fires a pass on the money for a 1st down. Does a good job of throwing it where it forces Jackson to go down and not take a hit from another defender. Gain of 16.
1st and 10 Incompletion Jameis with a play action fake. Throws a deep ball to Mike Evans. Overthrows him by a yard. Evans had the CB beat. Didn’t get a great replay of this, but at the stadium, it looked like Evans could get to this. Not sure if the hammy is what kept him from it. Good shot down the field by Winston, though.
2nd and 10 Penalty Jameis escapes pressure. Rolls out to his left. Fires the ball down field and hits Jackson on the sideline for 16 yards. Perfect pass. Jackson is called for OPI, negating the completion.
2nd and 20. Pentlty (Holding on a run play.)
2nd and 30 Completion Jameis shows patience and completes a screen pass to Sims. Sims gains 14 yards.
3rd and 16 Incompletion This may have been Jameis’ best pass of the game. He throws the ball on a rope to Tim Wright. Would have been a 1st down if Wright didn’t drop it. Jameis put the ball between two defenders and even Gruden said the pass was, “As good of a throw as you can make in that situation” & “Wright has to catch that ball.”
3rd Possession. (Started on own 29 yard line.)
1st and 10 Penalty (Holding on a run play.)
1st and 20 Completion Jameis throws a quick out pass to Murphy. Nice touch on this ball. Murphy gets 8 yards.
2nd and 12 Incompletion Jameis takes a shot down the field for Mike Evans. CB was with him step for step and knocked the ball away at the last second. Like the chance Jameis took here. If he leads Evans just a bit more, it may have been out of the defender’s reach.
3rd and 12 Incompletion Jameis throws his first bad pass of the night. He tries to anticipate Murphy running an out-route, about 15 yards down the field. Throws the ball too tall and out of bounds. Decent coverage on this. Jameis would have needed to be perfect on this pass for the completion, which I have every confidence that he could have been. However, the pass was off and incomplete.
4th Possession. (Started on own 42 yard line.)
1st and 10 Handoff
1st and 10 Handoff
2nd and 8 Penalty Right Tackle lets his man blow past him. Jameis gets sacked. However, a face mask by the Bengals wipes out the sack and gives the Bucs a 1st down.
1st and 10 Penalty Jameis steps up into the pocket and makes a nice pass to Myers for 8 yards. However, an illegal hands to the face penalty by the OL erases it.
1st and 20 Completion Jameis makes a phenomenal pass through multiple defenders to Shepard for 22 yards. This pass was thrown on a rope and was in a perfect place where only the WR could get to it. Seam pass was perfect, and in the area of 3 defenders. Jameis’ arm strength/accuracy made this very diffuclt pass look easy.
1st and 10 Penalty False Start
1st and 15 Sack The center steps on Jameis’ foot here, tripping him. As soon as he regained his balance, there were two defenders on him. OL was blown up here and Jameis never had a chance. Loss of 10.
2nd and 25 Completion Short pass by Jameis to Murphy for 3 yards.
3rd and 22 Penalty Pressure in Jameis’ face quickly. The Bengals brought a blitz. Jameis throws the ball away and is called for intentional grounding.

Jameis was incredibly sharp to start this game. I really liked Tampa Bay’s play calling in this game. They started out letting him throw the ball. This got Jameis in a rhythm and really seemed to get the offense going. The running game was strong, as well. This took some of the pressure off of Jameis. Winston’s final numbers were good. He was 8-13 for 90 yards. He didn’t have a passing touchdown or an interception. He did have one rushing TD, for the 2nd week in a row.

I want to take a real quick look at Jameis’ incompletions.

  1. Pass to the deep left to Mike Evans. Slight overthrow here. I don’t ever mind Jameis taking this shot. Single coverage and the WR had a step on the defender. Just couldn’t connect.
  2. Jameis’ 2nd incompletion was his best pass of the night. Drop by Tim Wright.
  3. Jameis takes another shot down the field. Defender was with Evans step for step. Once again, I’m always okay with Jameis taking this shot. If he had put a tad more on this, it may have been out of the defender’s reach. But, good defense.
  4. Pressure was in Jameis’ face. He threw this ball too high, and may have been rushing it because of the pressure. Fortunately, his only bad pass of the night, was out of bounds and didn’t hurt too badly.
  5. Jameis had pressure in his face right away. Throws the ball away. Gets called for an intentional grounding. Has to know to just take this sack. But, the intentional grounding resulted in the same outcome as a sack would have in this situation.

Another thing that I’d like to point out is that Jameis was CONSTANTLY working from behind the sticks. On his second possession he faced a 2nd and 30. (Impressively, he worked the Bucs out of this by completing a 14 yard pass on 2nd down and throwing what would have been a first down if not for a drop by Tim Wright. On his 3rd possession, he faced a 1st and 20. On his 4th possession, he faced a 1st and 20 (which he overcame with a 22 yard pass.) He also faced a 1st and 15 later in that possession. Penalties happen and Jameis will have to overcome them. But, this was a ridiculous amount. Tampa Bay has to clean this up. Side note: Jameis also had a 16 yard pass and an 8 yard pass wiped out due to penalties.

Overall, Jameis played very well. He was sharp. He made very few mistakes, and even the mistakes he made were very minor. He led the team to a touchdown on its first drive. He took care of the ball. He made beautiful throws. Though I thought he played well last week, he was leaps and bounds better this week. You could tell that the film study after last week’s game really helped Jameis. I expect him to continue to get better.

Jameis TD Cin - 1

Go Bucs. Go Jameis.

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