Breakdown of Jameis’ first preseason appearance.

Alright, hope you get some enjoyment out of this. Wanted to do this for myself, mainly. But, if this helps anyone else kind of break down what Jameis did in his first preseason start, then great.

jw minn 1

(Photo via Buccaneers website.)

1st Possession. Started on own 5 yard line.
1st and 10 Handoff
2nd and 5 Handoff
1st and 10 Handoff
2nd and 3 Handoff
3rd and 4 Incomplete Pass Jameis sees his TE break back. Throws the ball high. Might have been a good thing. Double coverage. Might have been picked if on target. Bad choice. Bad throw.
2nd Possession. Started on own 13 yard line. 1st and 10 Handoff
2nd and 10 Incomplete Pass Jameis sees V-Jax on a good read. Crossing route. Pass is high and behind him. Good choice, just a poor throw.
3rd and 10 Incomplete Pass Jameis gets pressured because the RT did not provide any resistance to the DE. He’s hit as he throws the ball. Ball falls short of intended target. Looked like it’d have been a tough completion even if not hit, though.
3rd possession. Started on own 22 yard line. 1st and 10 Sack Play action by Winston. As soon as he looks up, there’s a DE in his face. He didn’t have a chance on this play. Came from the blind side.
2nd and 19 QB Scramble Pocket starts to break down almost immediately. Jameis recognizes it. Gets out of the pocket for a 5 yard gain. Slides down (not well) to avoid a hit.
3rd and 14 Completion Jameis stands in the pocket, fires a dart downfield to V-Jax for 40 yards. Did a good job of standing in the pocket and absorbing a hit after the pass.
1st and 10 Handoff
1st and 10 Completion Play action roll out. Jameis finds Murphy on the sideline for a gain of 18 yards.
1st and 10 Handoff
2nd and 10 Incomplete Pass Jameis throws to ASJ near the goal line. Pass it a bit high. Good coverage. Would have been a tough completion. Worth a shot.
3rd and 10 Incomplete Pass Jameis makes a nice read and throws a good pass to V-Jax at near the 1 yard line. Pass is dropped, would have been a 1st and Goal (if not, a TD) if Jackson could have held on.
4th Possession. Starting on own 38. 1st and 10 Handoff
2nd and 8 Interception Watched this play about 8 times while doing this break down. I’m 100% convinced that this INT was not on Winston. Clear missed DPI/Holding committed on Mike Evans. His arm was literally being held just before the Safety intercepted the ball. Good read by Winston. I think Evans makes the catch if he’s not interfered with. The one negative thing that I’ll say about this pass, is that if Evans is not interfered with, and makes the catch, the safety may lay a pretty big hit on him. Jameis needs to protect his receivers and make sure he’s not leading them into danger. He’ll see this on film and correct it.
5th Possession. Starting on own 20. 1st and 10 Incomplete Pass Jameis throws the ball to Mike Evans again. Ball is behind the WR, but Evans adjusts. This was another missed DPI. CB never turned his head or made a play on the ball. Evans had no chance to catch this pass because of the defender, who made no play on the ball.
2nd and 10 Handoff
3rd and 4 Sack Awful snap over Jameis’ head. Clearly on the center. Jameis falls on the ball and is sacked.
6th Possession. Starting on own 10. 1st and 10 Handoff
2nd and 6 Sack/Scramble Center/QB snap exchange issue. Ball is fumbled. Jameis picks it up. Scrolls out to his left. Is tackled for a loss of 6 yards.
3rd and 12 False Start
3rd and 17 QB Scramble Jameis doesn’t see anyone open. Escapes a sack (in the end zone.) Scrambles up to the 9 yard line, but more importantly, avoids the safety. Takes a hit (helmet to helmet) as he was giving himself up. There was some debate about this. He did not slide well, but he clearly was giving himself up. If that’s Manning/Brady/Rogers, it’s a 15 yard penalty.
7th Possession. Starting on own 24. 1st and 10 Completion Jameis throws a short pass to Stocker who breaks a tackle and runs along the sideline for 18 yards.
1st and 10 Completion Jameis checks down to the RB out of the back field (Rainey) for 5 yards.
2nd and 5 Completion Jameis threads the needle to Louis Murphy on a crossing pattern. 12 yard gain. Really nice pass/read here.
1st and 10 Completion Play action, Jameis stands tall in the pocket and fires a dart to Louis Murphy on the sideline for 18 yards. This is a classic Jameis throw. Perfect anticipation. Only WR could get to it. Really nice to see this.
1st and 10 Handoff
2nd and 5 Completion Jameis throws to Murphy for 7 yards. Another nice pass here. Pass is behind the line of scrimmage. Murphy cuts it up for a nice gain.
1st and 10 Handoff
2nd and 7 Incomplete Pass Jameis tries to find Bell in the end zone. Pass is high, which was likely a good thing. WR was in double coverage.
3rd and 7 QB Scramble Jameis surveys the field. Doesn’t see anything. Pocket is closing in. He jukes and gets outside the pocket, sprints towards the end zone and leaps into the end zone. Good job recognizing that he didn’t have anything and making a play.
2 pt conv Incomplete Pass Jameis rolls out to the right and tries to find Shepard. Defender seemed to be on WR’s back before the ball got there. No call. Not sure if WR could have gotten to the ball, but it was close. Tough window. Jameis only really had one option due to the designed roll out.
8th Possession. Start on own 36 yard line. 1st and 10 Completion Jameis throws a short pass to the left for 1 yard to Myers.
2nd and 9 Completion Jameis checks down to James for 13 yards. Defense was in a prevent here, so this was a relatively easy play.
1st and 10 Spike Jameis rushes the team to the line and spikes the ball with 1 second left.
2nd and 10 Incomplete Pass Jameis scrambles out of the pocket and throws a hail mary (from his own 41 yard line – 5 yards deep in the end zone). WR gets his hands on the ball, but can’t hold onto it. Pass traveled 64 yards in the air. Arm strength looked fine on this play.

So, I’d like to make a few points and not take up too much of your time.

Jameis went 9-19 in his debut. Not to pick apart those numbers or make excuses, but let’s look at how he got to those 10 incompletions.

  • First two incompletions were bad passes. 1 was a bad read & bad pass. 1 was a good read, but a bad pass.
  • Third incompletion was due to OL. Lots of pressure and Winston got hit while throwing it.
  • Fourth incompletion was a good read. Pass was a bit high. This is on Winston trying to make a play.
  • Fifth incompletion was a drop by Vincent Jackson. Jameis threw him a catchable ball. Unfortunate for Winston.
  • Sixth incompletion was the interception. Still believe this was a missed DPI/Holding on the defender. I’m not putting this one on Winston
  • Seventh incompletion was also a missed DPI, if you ask me. Mike Evans was pretty upset no call was made. However, think this would have been a tough play if defender had turned around. So, I’m not giving Winston a pass here.
  • Eighth incompletion was a pass that was too high in the end zone. Jameis may have been trying to force the ball here, or might have known he didn’t have anything, so he was getting rid of the ball.
  • Ninth incompletion was a spiked ball to kill the clock.
  • Tenth incompletion was the hail mary.

So, of his 10 incompletions, I’m faulting him for 5 of them. Giving the offensive line 1 of them. Giving VJ 1 of them for his drop. Giving the zebras 1 of them for the missed call. (The spike/hail mary count as incompletions, but let’s be honest with those. They’re virtually irrelevant.) Now, I know that drops happen and missed calls happen. These things will happen in the regular season. But, I think in preseason, we need to focus less on the result and more on what actually happened during the play.

So, when looking at it, I don’t think Winston had a bad game at all. He started slowly. His first few passes were bad. But, when looking at the status of his offensive line, I think he played pretty well actually. He did a good job recovering from both bad snaps. He started inside of his own 15 yard line three times. He made plays and had some really nice throws.

Jameis to VJ (Minn)

He obviously has a lot to work on. But, I’m very encouraged by Winston’s first start. There is a lot that he can build on here. I’m looking forward to his next start to see how much he’s grown in just a little over a week.

Jameis TD 1

If enough of you enjoyed this, I’ll do it for his next game also. It takes a while to do, though. So, feedback is appreciated.

Go Bucs. Go Jaboo.

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