What do I do when Jameis plays my NFL team?

Last week, I asked a question of my followers. The question was: “If you’re a die hard of another team (not the Buccaneers) & a huge FSU fan, what’s it like cheering against Jameis?” Responses were mixed, but they were absolutely great. So, let’s get into them.

Some people said they wouldn’t root against their team, but would root for Jameis to do well:

Next, folks said they would NEVER cheer against Jameis; even if that meant cheering against their team.

Next, some people were still pretty undecided as to how they would handle this situation.

Some folks were perfectly fine because they became Bucs when they took Jameis.

Lastly, I was asked a pretty good question in return.

To close, I think that Jameis Winston was a once in a lifetime type of player. He impacted so many of us. He was absolutely phenomenal on the field. He was a someone that FSU fans loved interacting with. He was someone we were proud of. He was someone we defended. He was someone we cared about, in so many ways. He was our leader. We were so invested in him, that it was easy to continue to follow him. Besides, a win for Jameis is a win for FSU, so we’ll continue to cheer for him. It’s very impressive to me that almost everyone who answered my question said they’d support Jameis going forward. The capacity of that support differed, but he obviously had quite an impact on FSU fans. That impact can’t be understated. We all love Jameis.

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