Top 10 Hits in FSU’s History (Part 2: Defense)

Alright, so I was asked to do this for the defensive side of the ball since you guys seemed to enjoy the offensive side so much. This was much easier. Don’t have a lot of old stuff, because it’s tough to find videos for everything. But, here are my Top 10 Defensive Hits in FSU’s History.

  1. Greg Reid knocks Marcus Lattimore out of the Georgia Dome.

greg reid

2. Stanford Samuels clobbers Roscoe Parrish.

ss hit on Roscoe Parrish

3. Nigel Bradham lays the hammer!

nigel 2 angles

4. Greg Reid is at it again! This time, he destroys a Maryland receiver. Maybe this is why they left the ACC for the “B1G” conference.

greg reid UMD

5. Xavier Rhodes crushes Joey Phillips.

rhodes vt 12

6. Lamarcus Joyner gets penalized for being too rough. Bad call. But, well worth the hit!

Lamarcus Joyner hit vs Duke

7. Shade Tree drops a bomb!

shade tree hammer

8. Nick Moody helps Jeff Demps get rid of his mouth piece.

Nick moody jeff demps

9. Lamarcus sends Chase Rettig for a slide!

LMJ chase Rettig

10. Reggie Northrup takes a Notre Dame player’s helmet off and then gives us The Robot!

Reggie hit ND

So, there you have it. Those are my top 10. I know I missed some. I’d be more than happy to make a GIF of your favorite FSU hit! Leave a comment or Tweet me and I’ll get you a GIF of anything I missed.

Go Noles!

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