10 Hardest Hits From FSU’s Offense

Was requested to do this. I’m not great with videos, so it was easier to just GIF these. May do one for defensive hits also. But, was asked to do a top 10 list of hardest hits ever from the offensive side of the ball. So, without wasting any more of your time with words, here are my top 10.

  1. Greg Jones destroys Dexter Reid.

greg jones hit unc

2. Greg makes the list a second time (but not for the last time) for this hit on Sean Taylor.

sean taylor greg jones

3. Nick O’Leary lays the BOOM on Travis Blanks.

nick lays the boom

4. Cyhl Quarles picks off a pass. Then Jarmon Fortson makes him wish he hadn’t.

Jarmon Fortson

5. Nick O’Leary with a suplex tackle against Louisville.

suplex mode nol

6. Chris Thompson runs over a Clemson defender en route to the end zone. (unfortunately called back due to penalty.)

chris thompson v clemson 12

7. Devonta Freeman blows up a Duke defender as Karlos Williams scores. (I love Jameis raising his hands knowing it was a touchdown before Los even crossed the line of scrimmage.)

freeman:los TD

8. Greg Jones makes his 3rd appearance on the list, as do the Clemson Tigers. Here, he runs over half of the defense and flattens #9 and #2 on his way to the end zone.

greg jones clemson

9. Rodney Smith with a huge block vs North Carolina State.

rod smith

10. Kelvin Benjamin lays a huge block to spring Karlos Williams for a touchdown.

KB huge block

There you have it. My top 10 biggest hits from FSU’s offense. Did I miss any? Are there others you would like to see? Leave requests in the comments and I’ll do those also.

Go Noles!

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