Top 10 plays from FSU’s 2014 season

1. Jameis hurdles OKST

There is no comparing this play to any other. This was the most impressive thing that I saw Jameis Winston do this year, physically. I don’t care about his 40-YD Dash time. I don’t care about his vertical. This play tells you all you need to know about the athlete that he is. 


2. Smith’s Pick-6 vs UF

Nothing was going right. Jameis was an interception machine. We couldn’t move the ball at all. My phone was buzzing with trolls who I’d talked so much smack to over the year. Leading 9-0, UF was deep in FSU territory. A touchdown would have been huge for the Gators and would have put them up by two touchdowns and two 2 point conversions. However, Terrance Smith and the Noles had other plans. He picked off a Treon Harris pass and took it back 94 yards for a TD. The score was cut to 2 points and the Noles took the lead (and never looked back) shortly after. 

3. Forth down stop in OT vs Clemson

I was more excited after this play than I was after the eventual TD that won the game. When we made this stop on 4th down, with the best kicker in America (yes, I’m looking at you Groza Award Voters) the game was over. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard Doak erupt like it did on this play.

4. Lane’s TD vs UL

I still don’t know how this pass made it. But, I’ll just let you try to figure it out. Not a ton to say about this. Crazy luck? Perfect pass and perception by Jameis? God’s Noles? I’m not sure. But, I just couldn’t leave this off the list.

5. Roberto’s GW FG vs BC

It wasn’t the longest kick of his career. It wasn’t even the most difficult (though if you were to ask him, he’d probably tell you that none of them are difficult.) But, it was one of the more important ones. If not, it was the most important kick of Roberto’s career. After a very difficult week for the school, a miserable day weather-wise, and a sluggish second half, Roberto lined up for the potential game winning field goal. Of course, he nailed it. FSU walked away as a winner and Roberto had his first career game winning kick. Oh, and it was his mom’s birthday. So, this was probably the icing on the cake for their family.

6. Strip by Goldman vs Clemson

I was in a state of pure depression. I could not believe that we were about to lose to Clemson. I’d driven 4 hours, had a 4 hour drive ahead of me, and was just miserable. I was sitting down with my head in my lap. I happened to look up and see our guys jumping up and down. When they crowd realized what had happened, pure elation set in. This play, saved the division, the streak, and my (along with most of #FSUTwitter’s) emotions.

7. Dalvin’s GW TD run vs UM

Any time you beat Miami, it’s fun. So, naturally the play that finishes that off is going to be a top play, one would assume anyways. But, what I like the most about this play is the picture (see below) of the absolute carnage that is Miami’s defense. Dalvin and our offense were able to wear them down and this play is evidence of that.

8. Jameis’ Forced Fumble vs UL

We had finally scored to end the first half. It looked like we had some momentum. Then, on the first play of the second half, Winston throws his third interception, and my stomach sank. I figured the game was likely over and he just didn’t have it. But, in one of my favorite Jameis moments ever, he didn’t quit. He hustled back, forced the fumble, and FSU had the ball back. FSU didn’t score on that drive. But, they did on their next two, which got them back in the game. Great hustle play from the leader of the team.

9. Green TD vs NCST

This was one of the neater plays of the season, in my opinion. It’s significance may not be easily recognized. But, after Christian Green’s grandfather had passed away, that notorious Jameis Winston told him, “Christian, I’m going to get you one.Be ready for it.” The touchdown itself was a pretty neat one as well. Green managed to stay in bounds. It was a nice moment for Green and Winston.

10. Nick O’Leary Suplexes UL defender

I’m not sure that this play had huge significance, but it’s just so freaking cool. After a Jameis Winston interception, Nick O’Leary lays the wood on the UL defender with a Suplex. I was so pumped up after this tackle that I didn’t even mind the interception.

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