As much as the pain of 59-20 hurt, it will never compare with the joy that 29-0 brought

Let’s be honest. The way it ended was awful. It was embarrassing. It was humiliating. It was anything but joy. Maybe the worst part is that though the score was hilariously out of hand, the Noles honestly had a chance in the game. Missed opportunities in the first half kept them from having a lead going into halftime. Five turnovers in the second half (which led to 34 Oregon points) killed any chance of a comeback. Though the score didn’t indicate it, FSU had every chance in the world to win that game.

But, one loss has never and will never define the Florida State Football team. In all reality, there have been much worse losses in the last several years. But, we won’t be revisiting those today, thankfully.

Instead of the tragic ending, I chose to focus my attention on the other side of 29-1. I tend to be a more positive person. I see the glass half full almost all of the time. In sports, especially college football, I think we focus too much on “What have you done for me lately?” We get too caught up in what is going on right now; to step back and truly appreciate positive that happened.

I, for one, do not fall into this category. I have always thought of myself as pretty level headed, but I don’t even think one needs to be to step back and admire what FSU was able to do. I don’t need to run through the highlights of the last two seasons for you to, once again, be made aware of them. You know what the Seminoles did. You know the records. You know the trophies. You know the championships. You know the fun. You know the good times. You know the hard times. You know the perseverance. You know the winning.

Well, I propose this to you. Great times are head for FSU football; times that will dwarf the hurt that the Rose Bowl caused. But, it goes both ways. Not only will the near future outshine the present, but so does the recent past. So, I leave you with this thought:

“As much as the pain of 59-20 hurt, it will never compare with the joy that 29-0 brought.”

For that, FSU football, we thank you.


One thought on “As much as the pain of 59-20 hurt, it will never compare with the joy that 29-0 brought

  1. DEWEY

    T.J. as always man another great piece. You told me no feels in this piece but just thinking back over these past two years I still wept. I am normally not an emotional person but when it comes to my Seminoles I am very emotional. I shed tears of happiness and sadness when it comes to my team. I’m as proud to be a Seminole today as I was the first day I became one. I look forward to our adventure continuing and love that I have met so many great people along the way. NoleNation is every where. We stand up proudly in winning and even when we lose we are still proud of who we are. T.J. your the man. I can’t wait till our run of 29 more! Go Noles!


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