Every winning streak starts with a loss.

November 24th, 2012. That was the date on the calendar the last time Florida State lost a football game. 676 days ago. A period time that feels like an eternity. People have met, gotten married, and started a family in that span of a time. It had been that many days since the Florida State Seminoles had lost a football game. That streak of undefeated days ended tonight. Admittedly, in embarrassing fashion. But, what a streak it was.

29 games. That’s phenomenal. No matter how you slice it, it’s absolutely remarkable. If you are a Florida State football fan that is reading this, you are so lucky to have witnessed this. If you are not a Florida State fan, you can’t deny the greatness of the feat that this team accomplished.

The games were won in a myriad of ways. One year, blowing teams out. The next, struggling weekly, but always finding a way to come away with the victory. Tonight, that wasn’t the case. Tonight, the team who always seemed to find a way to win, couldn’t pull one more rabbit out of their hat.

It is absolutely soul-crushing to lose a game like FSU lost tonight. But, after winning every game for two full calendar years, the loss that ends your run is going to be excruciating.

Let’s be honest, FSU is no media darling. I don’t think we’ve ever seen a team hated or scrutinized as much as the Noles have been over the last couple of years. The off the field issues, combined with how much the Noles have won, and the monster that is #FSUTwitter have led to FSU being vilified by much of the media.

But, I sit here today, and want you to know that I have NEVER been more proud to be a Florida State Seminole. The pain and disappointment are absolutely horrifying. But, we lost to a better team. What can you do? I have no complaints. I am so blessed to be an FSU fan.

I can’t complain about one thing when it comes to FSU Football.  I got to witness 10 of the 29 games we won on the streak, live and in person. I was able to see us welcome back Bobby Bowden before the NCST game last year. I was able to see a primetime beat down of Miami. I got to travel across the country to see my Noles win it all in Pasadena, which highlighted my sports fandom. I was able to take a road trip to Dallas to see my Noles play in Jerry’s World. I got to see FSU win some of the craziest games ever against Clemson and Notre Dame. I watched Jameis Winston’s final 3 home games against UVA, BC, and UF. I saw game #29 in the streak up in Charlotte, which was a wonderful experience.

There were some pretty funny times as well. I got a pretty good kick out of the Gators Jello Troll that even ESPN got in on. The #BlameJameis hashtag was absolutely remarkable. Heck, that one even got picked up by Rolling Stone. #FSUTwitter was a heck of a lot of fun, as well. You all are the best. Lastly, trolling countless haters after FSU wins was almost as good as the wins themselves.

All in all, this sucks. It’s not fun. There’s no joy in it. However, I’m so dadgum proud to be a Florida State Seminole. I’m proud to be a booster. I’m proud to donate money to the program. I’m proud of all of the times that we’ve come out on top. I’m proud of what this school represents. I’m proud of the good things that this team and athletic department do behind the scenes. I’m proud of the things that ESPN, the New York Times, Michelle Beadle, Bill Plaschke, Pat Forde, and all the media hacks try to spin negatively. I’m proud of the character that is represented by our coach and his incredible family. I’m proud of the things that our school does for the Seminole Tribe. I’m proud to wear Garnet. I’m proud to tear up when I hear the Hymn. I’m proud of #FSUnited. I’m proud of #FSUTwitter (usually.) I’m proud to smile big after wins and I’m proud to cry hard after losses. I’m proud of two straight undefeated regular seasons. I’m proud of the number 29. I’m proud of a National Championship. I’m proud of 3 straight ACC Championships. I’m proud of the Heisman Trophy… and the kid who won it. I’m proud of the haters. I’m proud of the fire and the passion that a 20 year old kid played with game in, and game out. I’m proud that Jameis and the rest of the boys brought that swag back to Florida State. I’m proud today. I was proud yesterday. And you can bet your house on the fact that I’ll be proud tomorrow.

A streak ended tonight. But, every winning streak has to start with a loss. A new streak starts in 246 days. Gonna be fun.

As always, GO NOLES!!!

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