From 2,723.3 to 1

Twenty-seven Hundred Twenty-three and Three Tenths. That’s a lot. No matter what you’re counting, that’s a lot. Last year, FSU broke the record for points in a season by scoring 723 total points. 2,723.3 dwarfs that number like AT&T Stadium dwarfs Doak Campbell. What’s the significance of that number? It’s the number of miles that my wife and I drove (round trip) to be in Dallas for Opening Night.


Eighteen Hundred Fifteen. In the year 1815 the Battle of New Orleans happened. My wife and I happened to stop there on our way to Dallas. Here’s a neat picture of us in front of Jackson’s statue in the middle of the square.


Sixteen Hundred. On Friday night we went to Billy Bob’s for the Seminole Boosters party. We had a great time. We walked outside at one point and saw a huge bull. They were letting people sit on it for $10. Being the sucker that I am, I paid for my wife to do it. The bull weighed roughly 1,600 pounds. Here’s a link of her doing the Chop, while on the Bull.

Fifteen Hundred Fourty-one. Fourteen Hundred Fifty-six. The Amway Coaches Poll (1541) and the AP Poll (1,456) both stayed true in ranking FSU as the consensus college football #1 again for the 2nd week of the season. The team’s quest to go “Wire to Wire” has stayed intact.

One Thousand Eighty. There were times that I found it difficult to watch the football game on the field due to the full 1080 HD screen that hovered over it. This thing is ginormous. I was in awe just beholding it. Look up the word beauty in the dictionary. I’m sure a picture of it will be there.


Six Hundred Fourty-five. It had been 645 days since FSU’s last loss. (Now up to 649, by the way.) That’s purely a stunning amount of days. (Compare that to 334 days since the team from Gainesville actually won a game.)

Three hundred Seventy. In one of the worst most shaky games of his college career, Jameis Winston was still able to put up his ridiculous video game numbers. He passed for 370 yards. He threw more passes Saturday night than he ever had in an FSU game. His completion percentage was above average but not typical Jameis. However, he shredded Oklahoma State’s defense for nearly 4 Benjamins along the way.

Two hundred Thirty-seven. It had been 237 days since the Seminoles had taken the field and matched up against another team. New and old faces alike had worked through a long summer. It was an offseason in which anticipation and expectations were at an all time high. The 7 months and 25 days ticked by ever so slowly. But, as Roberto put toe to leather on Saturday night, all was right in the World again.

Eighty. Time and time again, when FSU needs a big play there is always one player to which they can turn. Rashad Greene came out of this game as, maybe, the brightest spot. He was fantastic. He pulled in 11 receptions for 203 yards. He was targeted 20 times. He had a 51 yard catch and run that sealed the game for FSU in the late stages. Like he did in the Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, and Auburn games, he made a big play when it counted most and FSU won.

Twenty-eight. When you’re the reigning Heisman Trophy winner, you’re expected to be perfect all of the time. You don’t get a pass on forced throws. Your mistakes are magnified. Jameis Winston certainly wasn’t perfect. But, this run may have been the most exciting of his career (I know, the Boston College Hail Mary.) I’ll shut up about it and just let you watch. (Winston’s Heisman Run)

Eight. Also at Billy Bob’s we got a chance to see Tracy Lawrence. I’m a big country music fan so this was pretty neat to me. Tracy has had 8 number one hits in his career. He sang all of them on Friday night.


Six. (This one is non-FSU related, so don’t kill me #FSUTwitter.) As you know, we did a road trip for this game. We stopped in New Orleans for a day. After leaving New Orleans, we decided to stop by LSU in Baton Rouge, which was about an hour away. Cara and I were in so impressed with Mike the Tiger. It’s the Sixth one they have had there. If you’re not familiar with his story, I’d suggest Googling it. Very neat. Here are a couple pictures of our time there.


Five. While in Dallas, you have to EAT. They had some wonderful food. One of the more interesting places we stopped to eat was at a gas station called Fuel City Tacos. They had 5 different flavors, so we got all of them and split them. (Do it Big, right?) They were very good. Definitely suggest it if you’re in the area. (Also, another great place to eat is Joe T. Garcia’s. It’s in Fort Worth. They had some of the best Mexican food I’ve ever had in my life. Try it for sure.)


Four. In Dallas, there is a mall called the Galleria. It’s a pretty neat mall that has 4 stories. It’s sort of high end. We really just went so that my wife could go ice skating. She’s a real champ at it and I’m….. well, I’m a great cheerleader.


Three. The first thing we did in New Orleans was go to breakfast. This is another absolute must if you are in this city. We went to Café Du Monde for their beignets. OH. MY. GOODNESS. These were phenomenal. They were fried perfectly and then covered in a mountain of powdered sugar. They bring you 3 in a serving. But, I probably could have eaten 7 or 8 of them. So good!


One. Saved the best for last. One is for so many things. First, one step down; one step closer to our ultimate goal. One is for the first trip to Dallas, but hopefully not the last. One is for Florida State’s current ranking in the polls. But, most importantly one is for 1-0. We came, we saw, we conquered. The Tampa to New Orleans to Dallas road trip was a successful one.

(Here are some other pictures from the trip that I figured I would share with you all.)

Fort Worth Stock Yards


Got out to College Gameday when it was still dark outside.


The College Gameday Crew.


Massive Stadium


Gosh, she’s so hot!


Thanks for reading!

Go Noles,

TJ Pittinger (@TJ_Pittinger)

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